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An annuity is a long-term retirement policy that can be a cornerstone of your financial security and success. It can help you protect and grow your retirement nest egg and you can turn it into a guaranteed lifetime income stream that you can never outlive. It is also called your personal pension plan annuity.


Policy Features

  • 8% Premium Bonus - the highest premium bonus Sentinel Security Life offers

  • Premium bonus applied to your accumulation value and income account value - should you elect the GLWB rider at the time of application

  • Designed for long-term accumulation of funds and building retirement income

  • Both single and joint payout options are available

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) - for an additional annual fee of only 1% of the accumulation value

  • Ability to start and stop income at any time

  • Income account accumulates at a rate of 6% - the income account may not be distributed as a lump sum and is only used to calculate the monthly GLWB payments

  • Interest withdrawal available at issue

Minimum Age To Purchase: 45
Offering multiple investing strategies based off the S&P 500®, allocate your funds as you see fit with a guaranteed No Loss to your money EVER.

If you’re looking for an annuity designed to be flexible to your needs, look no further! Sentinel’s Personal Choice Annuity was created with customization in mind, offering multiple options and features to accomplish your financial goals.

Many similar annuities available on the market require you to take options and benefits that you don’t want or need, which in turn lowers your interest rate. With the Personal Choice Annuity, all of our features, known as riders, are available a la carte, allowing you to only select the features you truly need. This in turns helps you receive the highest return possible from your annuity. 

Additional Personal Choice Annuity Features:

  • Available in five, seven, ten-year durations to fit your needs

  • Six available riders!

  • Required Minimum Distribution*

  • Accumulated Interest Withdrawal*

  • Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal*

  • 72(t) Free Withdrawal*

  • Terminal Illness/Nursing Home Care*

  • Death Benefit Feature*

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